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The primary value at the core of this company is our love for Jesus Christ!
This company was founded and operates under the direction of Jesus. We want everything we do to honor Him and point others to Him. We understand that everyone who works at The Last Inventory may not share these personal beliefs, but we expect each employee to interact with their fellow employees and customers in a manner that does not contradict with our core values. The Last Inventory can be most successful when all employees work toward a common purpose and share common values.

Core Values


  • We act with the highest ethical and legal standards in everything that we do. 



  • We communicate and act in ways that respect and value the worth of all people, cultures, viewpoints, and backgrounds.



  • We work together and share resources to provide greater value to our customers, employees, and business partners. 


Here at The Last Inventory, we maintain a work culture that is fun, wildly productive, and fully supportive of our mission and values.

Our teammates live and breathe our core ideology. They possess impeccable character, extraordinary talent, and a proven track records. They are humble, confident, and enthusiastic about serving others. They are the best users of our tools, ambassadors of our message, and evangelists of our culture. 

We are free to be present for our families during the work week and be present for important school functions, doctor’s appointments, and the alike. 

We experience reasonable autonomy, planning and executing our own work, without the impediment of overbearing management, stifling bureaucracy, or procedural red tape. We are encouraged to innovate and experiment. If something doesn’t work, we learn from it and move on.

We are made of diverse individuals with a wide range of dispositions, backgrounds, skillsets, and life experiences that enhance our ability to solve problems. 

One goal is to become one of the top 100 places to work in the state of Texas. 

We have established a high-performance leadership department and have hired a Vice president of High-Performance Leadership to guide this department and ensure that we are investing in both current and future leaders at The Last Inventory. 

We have developed a team that is responsible for all training and cross-training to develop our team members. This team is led by our Director of Training and Development Meghan Galvez and she is ensuring that all team members are properly equipped to do their hob safely and with excellence. 

Our interview process is extensive and allows different leaders throughout the company to participate in the hiring process. An interview is a multi-step process with our leadership team determining if the candidate is the right fit to help us accomplish our vision. 

Critical Actions

We have an upbeat & positive attitude with every customer that we meet!

– We smile – 

We are constantly learning about flooring and how to be better at our specific job!

– We Learn – 

We clean our sales floor, displays, and furniture multiple times throughout the day!

– We clean – 

We are always posting material and looking for ways to get our story to those who need it!

– We promote – 

We will always be working to become a better version of ourselves!

– We grow – 

- Key Characteristics -

We are profit-minded! We must do work that is profitable and allows us to scale.

- Key Characteristics -

Driven! We will constantly surprise people with what we have accomplished

- Key Characteristics -

Others Focused! We will look for intentional and creative ways to serve our teammates and customers.

- Key Characteristics -

Dedicated! We are dedicated to our work because other people’s joy depends on our work.

- Key Characteristics -

Details Oriented! We will obsess about the details. Every detail matters no matter how big or small.

Luxury Made Simple

We know that purchasing the perfect floor and having it installed is often frustrating and expensive.
It can feel like the home of your dreams is always out of reach.  We have made it our mission to make it simple and affordable for everyone.

We love Jesus and we love you! Our purpose is to be a blessing to you and our community. That is WHY we provide high-quality flooring and related products at prices that crush the completion. 
Our experienced team of flooring experts is ready to serve you from purchase to installation and help make your dream home a reality. 

At The Last Inventory, anyone can afford luxury!