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Store Pickup & Storage Policy

In-Store Purchases

Customers must present an original receipt at the time of pick up. The Last Inventory reserves the right to hold any merchandise until proper ownership can be established. To allow someone other than yourself (a third party) to pick up merchandise, such as a contractor or delivery service, you must authorize The Last Inventory to release your merchandise by entering the pickup person’s contact information. Anyone not on this list, regardless of possession of the original receipt, wishing to obtain your merchandise must first be validated (in person) by you, the customer. The person(s) authorized to pick up materials must have a government-issued photo I.D. for verification, from which The Last Inventory may collect certain information such as the name or state issuing the I.D. in order to verify the person’s identity and prevent fraud.

The Last Inventory operates as a working warehouse. It is important for all person(s) to adhere to safety signage and instructions in the store, including those related to the supervision of children, and avoiding blocked-off areas.

Online Purchases

Customers must provide 3 items of verification at the time of pick up. You must provide your online sales receipt or email confirmation, a picture ID, and the purchasing credit card you used to make your purchase online before we will release the product. For third party pick up, you will need to provide the same 3 items for verification and provide the information of the service company, contractor, or courier service.

The person(s) authorized to pick up materials must have a government issued photo ID for verification, from which The Last Inventory may collect certain information such as name or state issuing the I.D. in order to verify the person’s identity and prevent fraud.

Only the Best


Forklift Certified

A forklift license is actually a certificate. The certificate indicates that the employee has been trained and evaluated by the employer to operate the truck safely. It is required by OSHA that the employer certifies the training.


7 Days of Free Storage

Not ready to pick it up? We offer seven days of free storage. See Storage details below.


Ready to Serve

Need help with heavy material? We are eager to help load your vehicle with your purchase.


The Last Inventory understands that your new hard surface flooring and other materials may weigh a ton or more. We also understand that the material’s extreme weight may require several trips to safely transport everything to the installation location. The Last Inventory is happy to extend up to 7 Days of free storage. A storage fee of $10 per day after the free storage period will be applied to any order that has not been completely picked up. Any applicable storage fees must be paid in full before materials will be released. Any items that are stored longer than 30 calendar days are subject to restocking without a refund. These items may be sold to another customer if not picked up within the 30-day timeframe.

Loading Merchandise & Materials

Customers electing to pick up merchandise from The Last Inventory are responsible for providing a safe and adequate vehicle for transportation and assume full responsibility for pick up and transportation of merchandise. As a courtesy to its customers, The Last Inventory will assist with the loading of purchased merchandise; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to STOP the employee if he/she feels that the load is too heavy for the vehicle or is not otherwise safe. The Last Inventory reserves the right to refuse and/or cease loading service. The customer is SOLELY responsible for securing merchandise and ensuring it is properly loaded and/or secured prior to leaving the premises. The Last Inventory is not responsible for damages occurring to vehicles while loading. If equipment or machinery is in use, the customer is required to stand at least ten feet away from the operation of any such equipment or machinery and to otherwise exercise diligence to protect themselves from harm. THE CUSTOMER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOADING AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE AND RELEASES THE LAST INVENTORY FROM ANY LIABILITY, DAMAGES, OR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF THE CUSTOMER’S PICK UP AND/OR TRANSPORTATION OF MERCHANDISE.

Product Verification

MAKE SURE TO INSPECT ALL MERCHANDISE AT THE TIME OF PICK UP. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect and verify the type of merchandise purchased, quantity, model number, color, and dye lots for carpet roll, carpet tile,  porcelain, and ceramic products, and to verify all labels on the wood products to ensure accuracy prior to leaving the store. Any discrepancies between the customer’s inspection and the purchased merchandise as reflected upon the sales receipt must be determined prior to departing the premises and a manager must be notified. By signing your receipt at the time of pickup, your signature will constitute your agreement that your order has been received in FULL and that it is ACCURATE. Once you have left the premises, no exceptions will be made.