One of the unique things about tile, regardless if it is porcelain, ceramic, or carpet tile…you are only limited by your imagination! Check out the install that our GREAT installations team did this week for the youth at Turning Point Church in DeSoto! This is a place where youth will gather and enjoy one another and draw closer to HIM.

Do you have a space that is exhausted and in need of a new look? Looking to do something creative? Looking for someone to install it?
Stop, right there! The Last Inventory can address all of those concerns and serve you. With carpet tile available from leading manufactures in the industry like:


Dallas-Fort Worth Installations Available

Carpet Tile Installation

All carpet tile installations include up to two buckets of pressure-sensitive glue for free.


“Ready-to-go” floor (No prep or demo required): $0.65 / SQFT

Demo or prep required: Starts at $0.75 / SQFT;
however, the price may increase based on the labor intensity of the demo process.