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Our Installation Projects

Highland Park Texas Bathroom

Venato Porcelain tile is the star of this bathroom! Choosing to splurge on Venato, the rest of the space’s materials were kept neutral and timeless. A white modern oval tub and a staggered 12 x 24 marble tile offers a minimal foundation and allow the homeowners to feel special. A new vanity, lighting, and custom mirror complete this bathroom update.

Chiropractor's Updated Practice

This new small business needed an updated, luxurious, contemporary carpet in a deep color tone. A cool, gray helps this room feel like an extension of the outdoors.  Shaw commercial grade carpet tile, not only made this new space look great, but it will hold up to high volume traffic seeking relief. 

Midlothian Texas Flip

Recently purchased, the new homeowner wanted to make a bold statement by updating the bathrooms. She chose Motion White 12 x 24 porcelain tile and accented it using Bati Orient Brushed Metal Backsplash. This guest bathroom proves to be the hero in this updated living space.

Cedar Hill Texas Renovation

Looking to warm up their foyer, this couple introduced LW Flooring Engineered Wood Flooring to welcome guests to their home.

Allen Texas Carpet Rehab

Tired of the dingy carpet on her stair, Teresa stopped by to order Mohawk Air.O carpet and schedule an install to have her staircase rehabbed. 

Mansfield Texas Kitchen Remodel

The Bauer’s we excited about their new construction, but unhappy with the builder-grade flooring.  The Lawson Legends Legends Collection “Shakespeare” didn’t disappoint. 

Duncanville Texas Carpet Job

An elderly couple decided that after many years in their home and after all the kids had gone, to update their living space with new Mohawk Air.O carpet

Wylie Texas Game Changer

The Anderson family was a hesitant bunch and pretty nervous about making the change from Ceramic tile to Engineered wood flooring. However, after a few samples were laid out next to their new wall paint not much convincing was needed. With an elegant design and a great return on their investment, they quickly decided to completely transform their carpeted staircase with the uprising trend of a matching staircase.

Duncanville’s “No More Slippers”

Mr. Harrison had one goal for his new bedroom flooring. As he would say, “I would like to get out of my bed at night without having to search for my slippers”. We were able to achieve his dream with nylon. A classic soft surface with a contemporary look and glistening impressive gray that is dazzling to the eye.

Mesquite Texas Splash pad

From standard bathtub to spacious walk-in. The approach to this project was bold but subtle.  With 12×24 porcelain wall tiles combined effortlessly with river rock pebbles to complement the neutral request. Whether it’s bold colors that are unique and inviting or an elusive variety that balances your warmer vibe. We will not comprise your desires we will only exceed your expectations.

Garcia's New Carpet

Mrs. Garcia first came in to look at tile for her home, but quickly fell head over heals with how soft Mohawk’s Air.O carpet was on display. “No more cold floors” she explained after installing at her home. 

Arlington’s new start with Demark

Out with the old and in with the new! The Bentley Couple made the best selection by understanding the benefits of our very own SPC. The combination of waterproof SPC and durability boast the least rigorous floor maintenance program for a growing family. Plus, it’s great or crawlers and furry friends.

Rex's Rental

“Listen, guys, this is a rental, I need something that will last a long time” We responded with a 5.5mm SPC flooring that is waterproof, includes a 20mil wear layer for high traffic, and comes with a ten-year warranty.  Needless to say, this property was vacant for a long.

Garland Texas Floor Update

Jonah just closed on a house and was able to gain access to start remodeling. He went from Carpet that was worn out and dated to a fresh new wood look, waterproof SPC from The Last Inventory’s World Collection.  “I love all the variation, no two planks are alike” We enjoy that too Jonah and we love that you love it. 

Denmark Finds a Home

Perry has a rental property he was looking to update. But he wasn’t wanting to just paint and patch. His plan was to completely renovate the house and make something luxurious for a long-term rental.  The Last Inventory helped with flooring, baseboards, lights, and installation. This project turned out great. The neutral grays in Denmark from the World Collection set a high standard and really transformed this lovely rental. 

Oak Cliffs Taste and Space

“You have flooring options for all sorts of tastes and spaces.” We couldn’t agree more Booker family! The most difficult part of selecting the right flooring option for your area is achieving the perfect combination of these two elements without settling. How did we succeed? Simple, commitment to time and a diversity of flooring alternatives. The Booker family ultimately went with our 12mm Laredo Laminate. Beautiful taste, beautiful space.

Hot Water Heater Failure

When her water heater burst, Sarah’s laminate flooring was completely taken out. Worried about something like that happening again, she turned to the experts at The Last Inventory for advice on new flooring. We introduced her to SPC flooring. 100% waterproof, should there ever be an accident again in the future, Sarah has nothing to worry about. 

Mansfield Texas Laminate Remodel

Walter was looking for something that would update his home, have comfort underfoot, and would be warm year-round. He decided to go with the Southern Roots collection, Raliegh laminate flooring.  After completing the installation, he was very pleased with the real wood look and variation, without the high cost and maintenance from other options he had been weighing. 

Addison Salon Install

Looking to offer her clients and another stylist a new updated look to her Salon, Heather needed to save money. Needless to say, she found The Last Inventory. She picked European Pine because it was a high-traffic salon, she wanted something that was easy to clean but would hold up to years of use in her busy workspace. 

Desoto Youth Room on Fire

It’s not the roof that’s on fire, it’s the floor! Carpet squares are rapidly growing in popularity since their versatility is matchless. It presents every space with its own touch of style and an endless drawing board to express creativity. Imagine a fire exploding from the corner of a youth room and touching the next generation’s hearts. Yes! Fire, flair, and creativity are all achievable through this flooring option. Be inspired! Your flooring dreams can be your flooring reality with carpet squares.

Lancaster Showroom

If you’ve ever visited our Lancaster showroom you may have noticed our carpet tile design. A beautiful inset of orange, gray, and black carpet tile perfectly complements The Last Inventory logo. A solid gray carpet tile borders the room’s perimeter with a Tetris-like design. Well, it was all done by improvising. The compliments are endless, but most customers do not realize that we did not have enough of our best carpet tile, so we added the border as an extra to finish the room. Yes! Anything goes and there is nothing that cannot be created! Welcome to the world of Carpet tile!

Wilmer Kids Club

The theme is fun. The choice is durable. These carpet tiles are showcasing a welcoming sense of pride in this kid’s club to not only the children but also the visitors and guests that attend the facilities on a daily basis. Brightness doesn’t always have to be what enhances a room. All you need are the right colors and they can quickly enrich a room that needs to be brought to life!

Mansfield Gym

“What can you do with these 4 different carpet tiles?” Whoever said less is more couldn’t see the outcome of this stylish workout center. This bold geometric-type floor pattern looks more like an artistic masterpiece rather than leftovers from a previous job that just simply needs to fill a space. Less was not more of this particular project. The more carpet tile, the better!

Perez Family - Stair Case

Solid wood treads and risers can get expensive! There is, however, a cheaper alternative but not a compromise in style and appearance. So, instead of settling for a traditional carpeted staircase. We convinced Mrs. Perez that we had an affordable design concept guaranteed to enhance her staircase. The same beautiful laminate was installed downstairs; we could also install it on her stairs! She now loves her staircase so much that she won’t stop STAIRing at them!

Arlington Texas Venetian Install

We had the pleasure of meeting the Harris’ one Saturday afternoon. They were remodeling their home in Arlington to get it ready to put up for sale. They shared that they wanted to update the floors throughout the whole house and wanted to update the tile in both bathrooms. They loved the high variation of our Journey Series Venetian waterproof SPC flooring. We love their choice. 

McKinney Russian Floor

Too good to be true? That’s what the Austin’s thought. They had been shopping all of the competition and found that the flooring they desired was outside of what they had budgeted. Thinking the $2.09/SQFT was a scam, they visited and discovered the price was real. We discussed installation and after purchasing and having us install it, they came in way under budget from the big box stores. 

Lancaster Commercial Install

Jose an entrepreneur wanted to remodel his showroom. Loved the idea of hardwood, but worried that a huge investment would last forever. Not to worry, The Last Inventory has him covered. We installed Bellagio from the Journey series in his shop and added an accent wood wall for a focal point as you walk in to provide a warm environment for his customers. 

Flower Mound Update

Mr. Heeley found us on Facebook and wanted more details on installation and wood flooring. He loved the price of Shaw Atlas Wood Flooring and with the installation, he was able to save a ton of money. He and his wife love their new wood floor and shared they couldn’t believe how courteous our installers were. Thank you for trusting your home with us Mr. & Mrs. Heeley!

Mandalay in Glenn Heights

Our Journey Series, featuring Mandalay traveled to this family’s home in Glenn Heights. This family was great. Their boys discovered our toy room and had no problems coming with mom and dad to shop for new materials because they were occupied while mom and dad made decisions on what color waterproof flooring they purchased.  Spoiler…they picked Mandalay SPC and had us install it in their home. 

Church Youth Room

We had carte blanche with this youth space. The pastor conveyed that he wanted a space for the youth of the church to come together to learn more about Jesus and the space he had set aside for them to praise and worship was raw. After some creative thinking, we were able to introduce carpet tile, in a stylish way that was 100% custom and turned out to be a great area for the teens to enjoy church.

Cedar Hill Family Home

This young family entertained on a regular basis. From hosting bible studies, home school co-op,  parties, and more. There were looking for something that was warm and inviting to make everyone who entered welcome as if it was their own home.  They choose an engineered hardwood that we installed quickly so there would be no interruption to their schedule. 

HG Sales Reps Dallas

This sales office in Dallas, specializes in office furniture sales and wanted to transform a dated warehouse into a product showroom. The idea was to have a dark floor that contrasted with the contemporary office furniture they offered to clients. We introduced several new colors and installed this beautiful Black and White gradient tile in their showroom. 

Richland Chamber Lakehouse

A newly retired Dallas police officer found some quiet place in the country to build a new home and frequently visited our showroom to purchase several items. Flooring, tile, backsplash, baseboards, and so much more. We were able to stretch her money further than any other store because of our prices. 

Satterfeld Shower in Keller

After a long day of nursing patients. Mrs.Satterfeld wanted to find refuge in the shower. Dissatisfied with the dated space, she visited our showroom and picked out a great-looking Marazzi tile for the walls and a herringbone natural stone for the floor.  Looks amazing. 

Frisco Farmhouse

The Davis home was newly built, but they wanted to give a more rustic appeal that the builder was not able to provide. Not fearing going against the grain, they decided to do a brick pattern and bring the outside in with a faux brick backsplash.

Sache Flip

A local investor invested in a home and looking to update it, came by to look into flooring solutions to maximize this home’s potential.  He found a discontinued wood on closeout that was the perfect solution for his property. 

Frisco Farmhouse

The Davis home was newly built, but they wanted to give a more rustic appeal that the builder was not able to provide. Not fearing going against the grain, they decided to do a brick pattern and bring the outside in with a faux brick backsplash.

Waxahachie Optometrist Office Upate

Looking to serve the community he grew up in, this doctor came to Waxahachie. The office space he was leasing was in need of an update. We installed Mohawk’s Batavia LVP and new cove base to give his practice a new look and feel for his staff and patients. 

Michael's Family Dallas

Shortly after acquiring their home, the Michael’s family wanted to update it before moving in.  They visited our showroom and picked a lovely Shaw Engineered Wood Flooring that provided comfort underfoot and would last a long time in their new home. 

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