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Damage & Claims Policy

Upon initial receipt of the shipment, inspect the pallet and packaging material for any indication of visibly damaged product(s). Notate any damaged or missing product(s) on the Proof of Delivery provided by the driver, this will ensure a faster turn-around on filing the claim and re-shipping the product. If you accept the shipment without notating the POD (Proof of Delivery), and damage or shortage is found please contact The Last Inventory within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Follow the below steps to notify us for damage and/or refused shipments:

  • Inspect all products on the shipment.
  • Photograph the damage:
    1) Take a minimum of three photos.
    2) Whole Pallet or Shipping Container.
    3) Top view.
    4) Side view.
    5) Email these images to info@thelastinventory.com and in the subject line include your order number. 
  • Feel free to contact our shipping department at (972)217-3428.
  • Include the total amount of items damaged.
  • Include the best way to contact you during business hours.
  • The Last Inventory will file the claim on your behalf with the delivery service. 


File a Shipping claim

Are both the contents and packaging available for inspection as they were delivered?

Are any items missing?

Can the package be sealed and transported safely?

10 + 3 =

About this Process

We understand the value of your time and your money. We will file the claim on your behalf with the courier. Once we submit your claim, the courier will provide us with approval or denial. Upon approval, we will repack a new shipment and ship it out immediately. To help us please include these helpful aids:

  • A minimum of three pictures
  • Photos of all the damaged pieces
  • Photo of the pallet as received or container as received
  • Do not discard your damaged material


Oftentimes, these couriers will want to recover the material for investigation and you can also use some of the damaged items as wall-cut pieces.