1502 I35E Suite #270 Lancaster, TX 75146

(469) 336-2757


Work and do something that matters!

We appreciate your interest in The Last Inventory.  We are pleased that you are looking to join our team and we know that your contributions will assist us in remaining the leader in this community in our industry.


As an employee of The Last Inventory, you will want to know what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. 

Mission Statement:

We love Jesus and we love you! Our purpose is to be a blessing to you and our community.
That is WHY we provide high-quality flooring and related products at prices that crush the competition. Our experienced team of flooring experts is ready to serve you and help make your dream home a reality.

At The Last Inventory, anyone can afford luxury!


The primary value at the core of this company is our love for Jesus Christ!
This company was founded and operates under the direction of Jesus. We want everything we do to honor Him and point others to Him. We understand that everyone who works at The Last Inventory may not share these personal beliefs, but we expect each employee to interact with their fellow employees and customers in a manner that does not contradict with our core values. The Last Inventory can be most successful when all employees work toward a common purpose and share common values.

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Critical Actions


We have an upbeat and positive attitude with every customer we meet.


We are constantly learning about flooring and how to be better at our specific job.


How we appear to our clients and customers is important. We clean our sales floor multiple times a day.


We are always posting new material and looking for new ways to get our story to those who need it.


We will always be working to become a better version of ourselves.