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Ingrained in the idea of the American dream home is the desire to have wood floors! However, over time, people have learned about some ways that wood floors are not always practical.

[ap_list list_type=”ap-list7″]
[ap_li]They Scratch Easily[/ap_li]
[ap_li]They Don’t Hold Up to Water, well[/ap_li]
[ap_li]The Can Be Incredibly Expensive[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Require Maintenance[/ap_li]

Enter Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) and Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) floors, solving the issues of wood floors while offering the same appealing look of hardwood floors. When people come into The Last Inventory, a lot of times they are unaware of one of these durable, long-lasting, visually appealing floors.

So, here are three reasons why we think WPC or SPC floors may be best for you:

[ap_dropcaps style=”ap-square”]1[/ap_dropcaps]WPC and SPC Vinyl Floors are 100% Waterproof

This is usually the main reason that our customers decide to go with WPC or SPC floors. The way these floors are designed, it is not the glue, padding, or anything else that keeps moisture from touching your subfloor. It is the click and lock mechanism that is designed to stand up not just to your day to day water but even tragic events like pipe bursts and flooding. Guaranteed to never bubble or buckle, this floor stands up to water better than any wood floor you can buy. Therefore, WPC or SPC floors can be used in the home’s wettest areas: the kitchen, laundry room, even bathroom. Whether it’s a mop, a pet accident, or a spill, WPC and SPC floors are able to stand against your typical moisture.


[ap_dropcaps style=”ap-square”]2[/ap_dropcaps]WPC and SPC Vinyl Floors are Scratch Resistant


A lot of times we hear complaints about how hardwoods scratch easily. WPC and SPC Vinyl Floors

Whether its pet nails or moving furniture, over time wood floors can show scratches in the right lighting. However, when you have an SPC or WPC floor, this is not the case. All vinyl flooring has a “wear layer.” This is the small layer of protection on the very surface of the floor. The thicker the wear layer, the more resistant to scratching the floor will be. Wear layers range from 4 mils to 40 mils. In order for a floor to pass the minimum requirements of a commercial floor, it must have a 20 mil wear layer or higher. At The Last Inventory, a majority of the WPC and SPC that we carry a 20 mil wear layer. This means that when you buy a WPC or SPC floor from The Last Inventory the scratch resistance will be suitable for any level of traffic your residential property may experience.






[ap_dropcaps style=”ap-square”]3[/ap_dropcaps]WPC and SPC Vinyl Floors have a Realistic Look

For many people, vinyl floors are usually out of the question. There is a belief that vinyl floors are


listic in look, not really giving the authentic wood look that is desired. With SPC and WPC floors, however, it is near impossible to look alone to tell the difference between these floors and wood floors. The graining and ridges in the floor mimic real wood floors so well that even professional installers will have to touch it themselves to tell whether it is wood or not. The stone and wood looks that come out of some of The Last Inventory’s most popular selections of SPC and WPC are some of the most realistic styles available on the market.

WPC and SPC Vinyl Floors

So if you are in the market for floors, even if you were staying away from vinyl options, we suggest you take a serious look at WPC and SPC options. They are some of the most durable, realistic, value-packed floors available today. Offering 100% protection against water, incredible scratch resistance, and realistic style, these floors are a great option for those wanting the look of hardwood floors with the resilience of a tile.


To recap, SPC & WPC floors

[ap_list list_type=”ap-list7″]
[ap_li]Are 100% Water-Proof[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Often Times Will have Pad Attached[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Click and Lock Installation[/ap_li]
[ap_li]Do Not Scratch Easily and Generally Maintence Free[/ap_li]

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