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???? Celebrate 10 Years of Success with The Last Inventory and Make a Difference! ????

For eight incredible years, The Last Inventory has been on a journey of growth, dedication, and excellence. As we reflect on our journey since September 2013, we’re excited to bring you an opportunity that’s not only about celebrating our success but also about giving back to our community.

????️ Join Forces for a Greater Cause

We believe in the power of collective efforts, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with the Desoto Food Pantry for a month-long celebration like no other. Introducing the Desoto Food Pantry Raffle – a celebration of our anniversary and a chance for you to be a part of something meaningful.

???? Win Big While Making an Impact

When you participate in the Desoto Food Pantry Raffle, you’re not just entering for a chance to win fantastic prizes – you’re making a direct impact on our community. Every purchase you make for the raffle will directly benefit the Desoto Food Pantry, helping those who need it most.

???? Weekly Drawings, Unwavering Excitement

Buckle up for a month filled with anticipation and excitement! Throughout September, we’ll be hosting four electrifying raffle sessions, each offering enticing prizes that could be yours:

Week #1 – $250 Gift Card Week #2 – $250 Gift Card Week #3 – $500 Gift Card Week #4 – $1,000 Gift Card

????️ Your Chances Know No Bounds

Here’s the best part – you have the power to multiply your chances of winning. Enter the raffle as many times as you’d like, because there are no limits to the number of entries you can have. Every entry is a step towards winning and making a positive change in our community.

???? Fridays Filled with Flavor and Fun

But wait, there’s more! As if the raffle excitement wasn’t enough, join us every Friday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM for a sizzling treat – grilled hamburgers and hot dogs! It’s a chance to savor delicious food and share joyful moments as we celebrate together.

???? Be a Part of Something Special

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we invite you to be a part of the Desoto Food Pantry Raffle. This is your chance to win, to contribute, and to come together as a community. Join us in marking this occasion with purpose, compassion, and camaraderie.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Enter the Desoto Food Pantry Raffle, celebrate with us, and make a difference that lasts far beyond September.